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Tips For Cover Letter
A cover letter??? Do I need it?
Everyone who sends out a resume does! Even if the cover letter never “came up” in the conversation or was not mentioned in an advertisement, it is expected that you will write one.
It is regarded as a sign of laziness...more
What makes a good cover letter?

1. No Spelling or typing errors (not even one)
This shows an element of carelessness in the applicant. It portrays you as a person that does not pay attention to details...more

Ten cover letter Don’ts

Since there may be no second chance to change a first impression, make it count. Your cover letter is the first thing employers see when they open your materials. Therefore, avoid these 10 mistakes and make your first...more

Cover letters that sell

Mr. John and Mrs. Smith applied for the same job. They were equally qualified and each submitted an excellent resume that emphasized accomplishments, training and dedication. John included a general cover letter that ...more

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