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How to Dress to Impress!

Category: Interview

Make a professional impression Turn your cell phone off before entering the building. Give the interviewer a firm hand-shake. Don\'t mumble. Speak clearly and confidently. Sit up straight. Look the interviewer in the eye. Don\'t fidget. If the interview is after lunch, ensure there are no food stains on your tie, shirt, or pants. Don\'t eat garlic. Don\'t drink alcohol. No late night jolling before a morning interview. Have an early night. To create a professional impression carry a folder, complete with an agenda. Open it, allowing the interviewer to see headings like \"Interview Objectives\" and \"Key Issues\". Tick off points as they are covered. No orange suits for men! Men are advised to wear dark blues and charcoals. No bottle greens and chocolate brown. No white socks. No grey shoes. No takkies or slops. Black loafers or polished shoes are safest. Wear black socks that are quite long so hairy legs won\'t be visible should you cross your legs. No jewellery. No earrings. Smart, short hair is safest. Finger nails should be short, with no dirt under the nail. Don\'t smoke. Don\'t chew gum No huge costume jewellery! Women are advised not to carry a handbag. The tendency is to rummage in it when nervous. Simply carry the folder. If wearing trousers, wear a matching jacket. If you wear a skirt, wear stockings and a shoe with a heel. A business suit creates a good impression. No huge costume jewellery. You are aiming for \"the air hostess look\". Wear glasses rather than contact lenses, especially if the lenses make you squint. Leave sunglasses in the car. Don\'t smoke. Decline drinks if offered (your hand may shake lifting a cup, indicating nerves).