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Personal branding is the process of developing a mark (i.e putting a difference) around your personal name. it is all about the way you market yourself to the whole world. It also entails ways of identifying and communicating what makes you different and relevant, to your audience (i.e your employer, people around you and the world at large).

Due to the rapid increase in global change (both technological and otherwise), it is very important for individuals/lovers of change to brand themselves so as to join the train of change and embrace it.

There are lots of benefits associated with personal branding, some of which include:-
1.    It helps you discover and know yourself better.
2.    It breathes life into your career marketing documents and creates a clear way to generate interest in you.
3.    It enhances your awareness.
4.    It sends a clear and consistent message about who you really are and what you have to offer.
5.    It makes you stand out (unique) amongst your competitors.
6.    It puts you in charge of your environment, you have more control and power ove your business, clients, projects and service delivery.
7.    It is fulfilling:- it helps you achieve your maximum goals.
8.    It creates wealth:- once you are brand, you discover your worth. That gives you a better chance to command salaries.

Now you are acquainted with what personal branding and how important it is, it is therefore expected that you take up the challenge, brand yourself and fit in into the world’s challenges and changes. To do this, listed below are some tips that will help you:-
1.    Discover yourself:- This is the first step, understand your strength, skills, passion and value, so as to use them (i.e those information) to separate yourself from your competitors and really stand out.
2.    Your personal brand should be authentic: - Ensure your personal brand reflects your true character. It should be built on your dreams, purpose, values, uniqueness, passion, area of specialization, and your favorite activities. Each day, ask yourself how you can communicate those unique values of yours to the entire world. Be the you that you are most proud of.
3.    Set your vision and aim to be the ‘BEST’:- you must be the best before you can make others the best.
4.    Take your time to replenish yourself: - Upgrade yourself to a new version of you. Don’t invest your time trying to stop your adversary, instead use that time to strengthen and improve your own skills, enhance your learning and advance your career. Increase your worth if you want to earn more. Remember, only those who constantly replenish themselves to suit the changing environment will land the ground of success.
5.    Refuse to be discouraged:- Give deaf ears to discouragers and their advices, surround yourself by self-disciplined people, who will encourage and not destroy you. Trust yourself that you can make it.
6.    Don’t hide your uniqueness: - That potential in you that makes you unique should not be hidden as it gives you a better chance to stand out. The best way to build your personal brand is to be known as a problem solver and not the opposite (i.e. problem creator).
7.    Avoid pretending: - Just be the real you. The earlier you maintain sincerity, the better, happier and richer you become. People respect individuals who are original.
8.    Treat others the way you want to be treated. Have respect for other’s skills, ability, opinions, etc.
9.    Brands are not created overnight, take time to work and really develop that part of your life that makes you outstanding.
10.    Consistency matters, consistently communicate your message of uniqueness to people around you, as some will help communicate it further on your behalf.  


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