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Managing Stress at Work

Category: stress management

Stress in this context the emotional and physical strain caused by our response to pressure either from work, environment, etc. it can also be seen as a feeling that is created when we react to particular events. Stress in the workplace is more and this at times is as a result of fear in the employees (fear of being sacked, queried, etc), more overtime due to lack of staff, pressure to perform effectively to meet rising expectations, pressure to work at optimum levels all the time, no clear job description, lack of friendly and effective communication, lack of job security, a feeling that one’s reward does not worth one’s responsibility, working hours, etc. Stress (especially at workplace) has been proven beyond doubt to make people ill and some illness and diseases such as heart disease, hypertension, high blood pressure, stroke, ulcer(as a result of not having time to eat), diabetes, muscle and joint pains, miscarriage during pregnancy, etc. has been recorded as caused by stress.

Stress not alone cause illness but also reduces productivity, affects effective performance of the brain, memory concentration and learning. It also leads to poor work performance of the staffs, which may eventually result to bad publicity and loss of reputation of that organization.

There are several signs associated with stress, some of which include, loss of appetite, poor concentration, sleep difficulties, continuous smoking and drinking of strong drinks to cope, etc. these signs should not be neglected or taken for granted, serious caution must be taken to avoid further damages on one’s health, family, relationships, and even place of work, (as a stitch in time saves nine).