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How To Use Social Network To Get A Job

Category: Applying For Jobs


Companies will often try to fill positions before paying for a listing in either the newspaper or on a job site.  Networking and word of mouth recommendations are still the best way to get a job.  In modern times, using social media networks is the new way to do networking and word of mouth.  It certainly beats waiting on long lines at your local job fair. You never know who may have a job for you or who may know someone who knows someone that could have a job for you.  For each different type of media, a different job search strategy should be utilized.

Social network websites are not just for fun and games - used in the right ways, they can help you get a job. Social networking websites such as LinkedIn and Facebook offer many opportunities to network with potential employers and job referral sources. Whether you're just joining the ranks of social networkers, or you're a veteran of making connections and adding friends, you can ramp up your job search with the help of social networking tools online.


    * Communicate to the members of your friendís list that you are looking for work, what your credentials are and what youíre looking for.

    * Join a group or page dedicated to your industry and let them know you are looking for work.

    * Donít ask for a job that you are not qualified for.

    * There is no shame in letting your friends and family know you are unemployed.  They could be your best allies and resources.

    * Thank the people who assist in your job search publicly.  This is an effective way to remind everyone that you are still looking for a job without spamming them while also acknowledging that you appreciate any help you receive.


    * Investigate the structure of the organization youíre interested in by using LinkedInís Company Profile feature.

    * Build your network before you need it.  Ask colleagues and supervisors to recommend you on LinkedIn.  It is best to get these recommendations while you are still employed, but if youíve already left the company, it is still worth it to contact former colleagues and especially your supervisor to get recommendations.

    * Review the resumes of people with similar credentials to yours to see what jobs they were hired for.

    * Learn where people with similar credentials to yours worked before their current positions.

    * Learn which companies people tend to go to after they leave the company.

    * Perhaps you know someone who knows someone at the company.  Contact that person to see if they can get your resume to the hiring manager.  A resume handed to the hiring manager from a colleague is much more likely to be taken seriously than one sent through the mail.


    * Sell yourself in your bio.

    * Use a professional image for your avatar.

    * Tweet about your job search.

    * Use your twitter background to highlight your credentials.

    * Include a link to your resume in your bio.

    * Establish yourself as an expert in your field on Twitter.

    * Research the many additional profiles dedicated to job searches on Twitter.

In order to find a job, it is important to utilize all effective strategies.  That job you havenít gotten yet may be waiting for you through one of your social networking contacts.  Make sure you connect with that person.


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